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    Freedom for Heroes is a non-profit veteran-led organization committed to improving the lives of servicemembers and veterans by creating positive opportunities and life-enriching experiences.  We know healing from the wounds of war is a life-long endeavor and is something that cannot be done alone—it requires camaraderie, guidance, and empathy. Services include outdoor activities, resort retreats, and focus panels that cover a wide variety of topics including self-care, PTSD management, VA navigation, and life planning.

    Our organization was founded by 20 year Army combat veteran, who used his military experience to forge a successful life beyond the battlefield.  His passion for personal healing and professional growth has driven him to bring his mission to others. We believe that by creating an open and honest space, our brothers and sisters in service can make strides in building the life they deserve regardless of where they may be on their journey.

    Our Mission Is To…

    Freedom for Heroes’ mission is to provide experiences and skillsets to the veteran community that improve their quality of life, with long-term, heartfelt solutions.  


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    Our programs and services will include:

    • Extended weekend events that promote healing through outdoor activities, such as guided fishing, camping, hunting, and backpacking trips.  These events will be fun, but also a mastermind type environment including things like deep dives on mental health and how to heal as a tribe, as well as Yoga, promoting healing in multiple ways through, self-love, self-care, and self-development.

    • Retreats in a resort environment with high-level motivational guest speakers who currently are helping in this same space, job search assistance, PTSD treatment, and VA system navigation for submitting claims as well as access to outside advocates who can provide support and guidance.

    • Long-term goals include raising capital to build and give someone a home for free, and possibly a mission in another country by helping others with the intent of healing ourselves.

    We believe that by creating a safe space for servicemembers and veterans to be vulnerable and open to help, we can help them to heal and rebuild their lives. We are committed to changing the way that the veteran suicide and care pandemic is viewed and handled. We strongly believe that by helping veterans discover where they are through our designated phases in their own specific journey, so we can provide them with the help that they need.

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    The whole house has a very custom look and feel to it and sometimes it still feels like a museum or a model home. Mr. Christensen and his crew did a phenomenal job and then some! It is and will always be more than I ever expected.

    US Marine Staff Sergeant Ken Champlin

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    3-Day Immersive Retreat

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    Causes and Events

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Any Veteran who served post 9/11.
    • No VA rating is required, but an application will be required as well as a vetting process.
    • Based on space available.
    • Families may be invited, depending on the actual event being held.

    Please apply!  Everyone has a different level of where they are in life, and are on a different trajectory.  We encourage you to contact us and be a part of our healing journey!

    • There are no costs associated with the actual event, retreat, etc. 
    • To ensure we have a commitment a small refundable fee will be required to ensure maximum capacity.
    • In the future, we will have an organization to help fly servicemembers in from out of state.
    • Be prepared to be a part of a new tribe of servicemembers, and ready to be vulnerable and ready for change!
    • Have the mindset to know whatever event you participate in, you must have the fighting force inside of you to take this experience it and navigate through this process with new friendships gained, recommendations from Freedom for Heroes, and be willing to take this change in your life on a long-term healing process.

    Yes, however, there are some events where we wish to structure where new servicemembers only are invited.

    Not at this time, but we are working on donations for shuttle services and carpooling to events.

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